Alternagi 15 by Nath

A compact 3-door hatchback powered by electric, but this isn't a slow car, with a 125 mph top speed. It also has tight steering for nipping through that city traffic and a split rear tailgate design.
 Citroen C2
by Nath

The reason this car looks nothing like the rest of his work is because he originally intended to make this car for MM1, but never got around to finishing it. He found just awhile ago and he added the lights, shadow and bound it needed, tuned it and that results in the car you see here.
 Peugeot 205 TE (Townie Edition)
by Nath

In the UK there are loads of people who make really tasteless modifications to their cars' appearance. But do nothing to the engine but fit a sports exhaust silencer. That is the key to understanding this car.
 Royale 25
by Nath

A medium sized luxury saloon with good handling, acceleration and braking with enough power under the bonnet to give a top speed of 160 mph.
 tcz cars
by Nath

This is a player package of cars. It has 10 that come in the handy little link above enjoy!